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Full Version: Master Key Missing Or Faulty Immobiliser
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If your burgundy/brown Master Key is lost/missing or you suspect you have a faulty immobiliser, the only option that Alfa dealers will offer you is to completely replace the CODE immobiliser ECU, and in some cases also the engine ECU and complete lockset which can be very expensive.

Unfortunately you cannot just purchase a second-hand CODE immobiliser ECU from another car because as soon as a CODE immobiliser ECU is connected to a car and powered up, it "pairs" itself with the Engine ECU by way of a unique code that gets stored in both the Engine ECU and the CODE immobiliser ECU. If an attempt is made to connect an already used (donor) CODE immobiliser ECU to another car, the car will remain immobilised because the unique code stored in the donor CODE immobiliser ECU does not match the one stored in that other cars Engine ECU.

If you just require a replacement Master Key because the original one for the car is either lost or missing (or was never given to you by the previous owner) then I can supply you with a new master key transponder that will work with your existing CODE immobiliser ECU (see my YouTube video HERE) so if you want one of these then just drop me a PM or post a new message on the forum. I can also create immobiliser chips for any missing keys that have already been programmed into the immobiliser or I can clone the immobiliser chip in an existing key (master or normal key) to another (non-remote) key, so if you want a spare key that will disable the immobiliser then you can also either drop me PM or add a reply to this thread.

However, if the problem turns out to be caused by CODE immobiliser ECU itself being faulty then there are a number of specialists do actually offer a solution to this whereby they take your existing CODE immobiliser ECU (and in some cases the engine ECU too) and "virginise" it so that it can be connected to any car as if it was a brand new unit. This is a much cheaper option than the one that an Alfa dealer will offer you. See the links below for more detail of specialist who can do this:- This above options only applies to cars which have the first generation Fiat/Alfa CODE immobiliser system fitted:-
  • Fiat Coupe (1996-2000)
  • Alfa 145/146 (1994-2000)
  • Alfa 155 (1996-1997)
  • Alfa Spider/GTV (1995-1998)
While the red remote keys for an Alfa 156/166 look the same, those models use the second generation CODE immobiliser system (commonly referred to as "CODE 2") which does not use or require a Master Key so this solution will not work for those cars unfortunately.
Hello I have an Alpha 145 1.8 elegance, sometimes it turns on normal and sometimes not, I give the key in the ignition but the engine does not turn and alert the code on my panel, I saw your video and read what you posted would be this solution to my problem? if so how do i get the transponder? Could you send me to Brazil? worshippy.gif
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