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Full Version: Cigarette Lighter Removal
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Hi gents,

Does any one know how to remove the cigarette lighter from the check panel? It looks like the centre metal barrel needs to come out so you can release a clip that holds the green illumination ring in but I've tried prodding, pushing and twisting and it does not wanna budge. Am I missing something? I'd rather not destroy it to remove it nor damage the housing.

Thanks smile.gif
dante giacosa
hey Lancer-

There's NO WAY that is coming out from the front, without releasing it from behind.

Take out the ashtray, crouch down, and look up behind where it was and there's two screws; undo these and remove the check panel & fag-ancillaries as one unit.

You'll then be releasing plastic-tabs within the cylindrical socket-frame
Cheers Dante. I've got two complete ashtray, check unit/switch module thingies spare to practice on. The original I have from the 145 has the main clip on the illumination ring broken so the whole thing spins and the spare is all in one piece. If I get one out then I can swap just the check panel/switch module over as they are all in similar sort of condition just with clocks in various states of borked. I shall have another bash, ta smile.gif
Success! Got the cigarette lighter out with a bit of prying and I was able to fit this in it's place:

About 16 on Amazon. 2x QC compatible USB ports and a little voltmeter. I've wired it so it comes on with the ignition as the original wiring in my car was live all the time. The voltmeter probably isn't very accurate but it should be ok for checking if the alternator is keeping up e.t.c
dante giacosa
nice one, Lancer: that's a really neat install!

You should never underestimated the usefulness of a voltage gauge in the car

In my own example, I've got a somewhat oversized (and under-readable in a bright daylight situation) external-temperature gauge, which I stuck on the end of a fag-lighter plug so I can pull it out (as I never thought it would be permanent)

I'm on the cusp of swapping it for a dual-module (in the same format) that gives external temp & gearbox temp! But that's another thread...
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