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Full Version: windscreen wipers compatibility
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as many of you know, alfa romeos 145/6 till 1997 (I think), like mine, had different windscreen wipers. these were custom made by fiat, and the only detachable piece was the rubber blade. btw, which are pita to find in some places.
on later models, alfa romeo adopted the quick clip system.

it happens that I want to upgrade my older system to the quick clip system. the only question that i am not sure of the answer is, will the quick clip wiper arms fit on the earlier wiper motor? in other words, can I exchange my older wiper arms for the newer ones without having to change the wiper motor?

dante giacosa
hey Alfizta-

Are you sure about this?

I know the rears are a custom integrated blade & arm; requiring a complete replacement or blade-only refit; but I've never seen that on the front.

Can you post a picture?

If you are looking for alternatives; you could try some FIAT Tipo or Lancia Dedra items. Possibly Alfa 155 also...
the ones I got are like this
and I want to replace with these

The ph1s and 155s came with the complete arm and wiper attached, the later ph1s and ph2s came with removable blades.

Ph2 arms also fit the 155 so a lot of people have nicked them off 145's. Wiper arms are becoming hard to come by for this reason
I just checked my 1995 PH1 boxer and it has the later type arms on it. When I put the registration number into wiper blade finders, it does suggest the standard hook type blade so it must have been like this from factory?

I'm guessing alfizta but in theory they should fit?
dante giacosa
oh sorry-

That shows what I know then- (not much!)

I did find this on eBay, though...
hello, people!

after an in depth investigation through eper, noticed that the wiper engine fitted on my ph2 146 was used on later 146 versions (145 as well, of course).
so, I deduce that both wiper arm versions are compatible with my 146 wiper motor.
anyway, found this post from hell that appears to confirm my thoughts
I will try the upgrade and keep you posted!

also, I should have noticed that my 146 is a LHD version, but conclusions should be the same for RHD.

thanks for all posts.

and, if you come to Portugal, drink the wine, not the beer!
yes all the wiper arms fit all models including 155.
vauxhall wiper arms fit, I know a few 155'ers who used these and clip blades

I have replaced the blades on the 145 which was quite easy
and the 155 has clip type arms from autodelta I think (without going through the massive file I have for it unsure.gif )

successfully fitted the after 1997 version of the wiper arms on my older alfa 146. bought new good quality aftermarket arms + retro fit (bosch like) wipers for a generous price (27 euros + 12 euros shipping) from a polish seller on ebay. couldn't be more pleased with the end result. looks very nice, but more than that, windscreen is cleaned when wipers are actuated biggrin.gif
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

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