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Full Version: Oil Pressure/Temp Gauge: Size of thread of oil pump side bolts
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Hey guys, does anybody know the thread size of the 2 allen 10mm bolts on the side of the oil pump, right next to the heat exchanger?
The idea is to set an oil temperature gauge on one of this bolts, and I've already used the top bolt on the cylinder head for the pressure gauge.
Also, I think the temperature will be most accurate from down here right next to the pump than on the top (which I think is the best way for the pressure gauge).

I have an image to let you know exactly where it is.

I have found that picture in a (russian?) webpage and gave me the idea to do it.
The webpage is

Thank you.
I had to perform an oil pressure check on my 2.0 TS yesterday and wanted to use this fitting but decided as I didn't know much about it, I wouldn't take the pressure from there. One is oil before filter and one is oil after? What is the genuine reason for these two ports?

Just that I wonder how accurate it will be?
dante giacosa
I think the general application for the two ports is for a send & return on an oil-cooler

it is indeed the best siting for an oil temp-sender; and I did this, following the detail laid out in the 155 engine manual (yes 155)

That is where the 155 picks up oil-temp from.

I can't remember off the top of my head what the thread was- but if you can find my 'oil instrumentation' thread...

actually this doesn't give you the info you're after- give me a minute!

okay- got it; can't tell you the thread-size off the top of my head; but THIS is there sensor you want

Although it seems to be three times as expensive as when I ordered it
I do ohyes.gif Fitted my oil temp sensor there. I'll post details later.
dante giacosa
oh yeah?

go on, Ganz!
Was looking for this last night. I believe it's M18. Inner thread I can't remember. It's on my Red Devil thread 2016/17 when Dante asked tongue.gif
Great info. Thank you!!!
I have now an aftermarker oil temperature gauge so I will try to find the adapter to connect it to.
For the oil pressure I've used the bolt fitting on the top of the cylinder head. I have read that it's more accurate to read low pressure values because as it's on the top, if you have oil there you will have it in all your system, but for the temperature it's not a good place.

Later I will post some pictures on the oil pressure sensor and th elocation and will try to find the m18 fitting.
Thank you again!!!
I have my oil pressure sensor on the cylinder head. I had to make up an adaptor as I could not find one on the market. I've post it all in my Red Devil thread biggrin.gif
dante giacosa
that's how they do it in 155-land!
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