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Full Version: Door Lock Mechanism experts - assemble!
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Help needed!

My 145's passenger door lock has not been great since I bought it, often requiring multiple attempts to get it to lock via manually or the central locking. Recently it decided it didn't want to lock at all, so I've torn into the door a bit.

The rods in the door seemed ok, not bent or anything and correctly attached, but the lock block itself seemed to be resisting the movement via the rods, so I removed the lock mechanism and separated the electric motor portion. I cleaned up most of the old grease in there and this is what I've found...

The opening handle works fine, backed up by actuating it manually.

The locking movement for both turning from the barrel, or using the interior locking switch looks to be massively out of alignment. Excuse the crappy paint skills and take a look


It looks to me like what should happen is that when the door is locked, what I've labelled as locking bar, should be prevented from moving by the damaged area sliding round and holding it into place. In practice it just hits the 'locking bar' with minimal travel and that's it.


You can see the damage that's happened over many uses of this, but I'm at a loss as to how to fix it. It doesn't feel like anything is loose / out of position, yet clearly it is in the wrong place..

Anyone been here before?
dante giacosa
Hey Budget'

I admire your perserverance and forensic-examination skills. No need to apologise- that's a better labelling job of-a-picture than I could manage!

I had two locking issues with mine. The driver's door wouldn't lock the car (or unlock- I can't remember which) and that turned out to be a lost control-line through the door loom in the A-pillar.
Additional wiring added- job done.

And more recently; exactly what you have here- a stiff NS mechanism, which would resist the solenoid action and unlock the car. In my case; you could feel it in the handle also; the whole door was tightening up; and the handle was a stiff pull.


I got an NS lock mechanism off a guy on eBay for 20 quid, and swapped it out.

Chances are; if that metal in your mechanism is bent now; 20 years-in; the likelihood of successfully bending it outwards for any period of time are 'reduced'.

But it does seem like you are RIGHT into it- perhaps you are best placed for success as you stand!

I think replacing it is the easiest option.. if I could find one. Drawn a blank at clover breakers and italia-autos.. pipe up if anyone has any other ideas!
dante giacosa
Oh really? That's quite rubbish-

I found five on eBay but they were all for the RH door.

EBay Italia maybe...?
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