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This looks like it could be great. Having got a Mk1 MX-5, I thought the other day that the Alfa Twin Spark Engine would be great in it. Now i see that FIAT and Mazda are sharing knowledge and a new MX-5 based Alfa will be built. It looks promising as Mazdas Skyactive technology is very innovative and the Mk4 MX-5 will be quite a bit lighter than the heavy Mk3.

Hopefully the Skyactive knowledge will benefit other models. Mazda will get access to FIAT's technology so this could be good all around. Seems more promising than the Alfa Arna/Nissan Cherry whistle.gif

Alfa Mx-5

Top Gear Story
Bring on the trumpets!
This looks nice too!
that's another story
Downunder, the holden commadore engine (which is the most common family car here) is used as the base for the alfa 3.2 liter, alfa head gives the engine a total different caracter.
According to Mazda, the MX-5 will significantly undercut the Alfa. The MX-5 will weigh 1100kg and have a 130bhp 1.5 engine. However, there will be a supercharged 200bhp 1000kg version coolio.gif

No word on the spider yet, apart from that the styling will be different and it will have Alfa engines. I guess that as it will cost more money, the engine will be bigger and maybe a higher spec smile.gif
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