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Full Version: Biamf 2012
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Good event and didn't rain too much smile.gif

Here are my photos - lots of Alfas and a few 145s and 146s:

A selection is below:

Some great cars there!, where is this show?
QUOTE(146tigaz @ 28th April 2012 20:13) *
where is this show?

The clue is in the title of the thread wink.gif biggrin.gif
DOH!! been a long day lol! blink.gif
The 145's:

And the 146 which is obviously the publics favourite tongue.gif

Some nice pictures there...

Is that a Fiat 850 Coupe?....My Dad had one, cracking car, went like stink!....remember being stopped by the Police, with 4 of us in the car, who couldn't believe how fast it was going..Dad showed them his RAF ID card and the Coppers sent us on our way..after asking how fast it could go!....wouldn't happen these days.

Engine was fantastic but the body rusted to nothing...

Not really a surprise which is the public's favourite is it? whistle.gif
i'm sure there just getting in the way, so the 146 doesn't ruin the picture tongue.gif

looks like it was a good day, some lovely cars on show there especially liking the GTV6, with the modified intake, guessing thats gotta modified engine too? probably a 3.0 litre..
Decent pictures EFFKAY, had the pleasure of seeing your car on that day, loved what you did to it!

One question, where did you get that rear OMP bar? Just that I'd like a similar one for my 145!
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