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Full Version: Oil Coolers
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I was not sure what section to put this in as it can be applied to both twin sparks and the boxer engines.

So if the mods want to move it later, feel free.

After mine and Naans earlier exchanges i've said i'd do a guide for collecting parts for an oil cooler kits, i'll keep it simple for Naan but others will be able to follw it too. whistle.gif

If we are doing it on the cheap, ebay will find you a low cost oil cooler from an old MG car.

This ebay link should work for a while.

I've chosen this one for you, you'll really need a 13 row for a 2.0 engine.


The one listed does not say what fittings are on the cooler but it'll be either 5/8th BSP or 1/2"BSP, don't worry at this point but ask the seller what they are.

Then you'll need a sandwich plate.

This is the part that fits between the oil filter and the engine.

The above one is a standard (no thermostat Naan) one for 26, i'd recomend one with a thermostat for track work and this adds about 19 to the price, it does not open untill around 85 degrees so does not start cooling until then.

The fittings on that sandwich plate are 1/2 BSP so lets say the cooler is too.

These cheaper fittings will be fine, especially if you are on a budget, you'll need four.

If your a bit flash or would like a better look you could get annodised fittings from the likes of think automotive or demon tweeks.

If your cooler has 5/8ths fittings and the sandwich plate has 1/2" just order two of each fittings but make sure they are both for 1/2 hose.

Then you'll need some hose

Economy stuff from ebay.

More expensive options from here.

Until you find somewere to mount the oil cooler you'll not know how much pipe you'll need but two metres will be enough.

Fitting is simple, mount the cooler somewere in the air flow, i first fitted mine in front of the radiator low down and you can use some of the mounts to bolt it to the plastic guard that sits along the bottom of the radiator, a thin metal strip can hold the top part.

The sandwich plate mounts between the oil filter and the engine, so a good time to change the oil and filter, remove the old filter, fit up the sandwich plate, the threaded part that comes with the sandwich plate holds that against the block (smear of oil) and then the filter screws onto that as normal.

Fit your oil pipe fittings onto the oil cooler and then the sandwich plate and point them in a direction so that you'll have the shortest and straightest run to each other, tighten these up and your ready for the pipes.

Cut the pipes to length.

These pipes do just push on but i find putting the ends of the pipe into a cup of boiling water first softens up the pipe and makes them easier to slide on.

Once everything is lined up you can add a jubilee clip to each one and then your ready to fill up with oil.

You'll have around a half a litre of oil extra in there so just keep an eye on it as you fill up, when you run the engine it'll go down more so keep watching. if you've bought a sandwich plate with a thermostat it'll not open untill the engine gets up to temprature so again, keep an eye on the level, when it gets to temprature the level will drop, its filling up the cooler so you'll need more oil in there.
Im confused unsure.gif
black 146
QUOTE(NaanBread @ 11th February 2011 22:44) *
Im confused unsure.gif

smile.gif cool thanks for the links
i was looking on a 10bar
Nice topic E500 thumbsup.gif

That's something i'd like to install on my QV, very important specially for track cars!

My friend in London is coming back to Brazil in march, might well buy all the oil cooler parts and send it all to him so he can bring in his luggage rolleyes.gif

So for an oil cooler kit, one could use these?

Oil cooler 13-row

Mocal sandwich plate (couldn't find specific one for Alfas w/ thermostat, is there another option?)

Moquip fittings

Moquip 100R6 stainless braided push-on hose
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