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Full Version: A Little Excesive On Price But Very Nice Example Of A 145 Qv!
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Check this link out.

I was just killing time looking at ebay italy and came across this!!!! worshippy.gif
Interestingly its the only 145 qv on there.
Theres loads of 1.4's and 1.6's
Theres even a 2001 145 on there
I guess we stopped selling them before italy did.

Anyway looks awesome. probably very quick and rust free too.

This is the translation through google:
Hello everyone,
145 titles sold as alpha red alpha green cloverleaf step A, 2 of 98 euros, cars in excellent condition given by amateurs.

+2.0 Twin spark 155cv,
+ Exhaust manifolds complete with stainless
+ Bmc new filter panel,
+ Engine completely overhauled by 26 thousand km with all original parts (long list "),
+ Distribution just performed,
Clutch + pressure plate reinforced with 26 thousand km,
+ Revisonata completely last month at the front, arms, arms, trapezoids, silent block number, etc. etc.

OZ 17''RIMS + Superturismo APPROVED NEW 205/40/17 tires Pirelli P0, two with two 5 thousand km with 500km neanke

+ STAMP paid until April 2011
+ Revision made in February 2010
+ 130 thousand km, but the machine has completely overhauled mechanical cm above, (80,000 miles)

+ New bearings
+ Trim

Those wheels suit it well.

why do the cars abroad seem to keep there colour? is it the weather here that f**ks them?!
QUOTE(NaanBread @ 23rd July 2010 00:02) *
why do the cars abroad seem to keep there colour? is it the weather here that f**ks them?!

Yes...there are very very few QV's in italy....On the other hand there are lots of Diesels and White 146s... The do fade very quickly even in italy. However in italy if you leave your car in the sun you will not be able to drive it until its cool + you will see lots more side effects like plastic cracking and melting and all sorts of odd things!

So everyone looks out for shadowy spots whereas in the UK parking your car in a shadowy spot is not high on people's list so i guess the cars get damaged!
that is not normal i guess...i mean to find so few QV's in Italy, the birth place of one of the most nice car that's been built but on the other hand italians are very...cheapskate is the apropiate term? . because they don't enjoy much of their creations smile.gif)))) that's why they make them with so many problems,that's why the rust gets so early in the bodywork, IT'S AN ITALIAN CURSE smile.gif)))))))) that's why they ride so many scooters smile.gif))))) and drive diesel cars with stingy little engines smile.gif) they are HATERS smile.gif)
Thats sexy as!!! I like the colour coded phase 1 bumpers, quite tempted to do mine . . . .
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