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Full Version: Langers 145/6 Buying Guide!
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Iv lost the guide which i had written for when first buying a 145...

Bassically, when first looking at one... do the below.

1 - Get out of your car and approach viewing car...

2 - Get on your hands and knees (aye aye) You are looking underneath the car at the floor pan. You need to be checking where the floor pan meets the sills corrosion, this is a problem area. Other problem areas are the drainage holes where the rear passengers feet go, dont be scared to give it a jab with a key... if it goes through, the chances are that most of the floor pan will require welding...expect to pay around 300+ at a garage. Also look at the drainage bung in the boot, just below where the spare wheel sits, this area is also known to corrode.

3 - Start the car, listen for any diesel noises, if you hear any, the chances are that the Variator needs changing, the belts will also have to be done at the same time. For a full job, expect to pay around 450 + at a garage. If it is ok, check the service history for when the belts were last done, if there is no record, expect to get them changed. They need to be done every 3 years or every 32k, which ever comes first.

4 - Once the car has been on for a while, listen for any erratic idle, this can sometimes point out a dodgy Idle control valve. Also, don't be afraid, but rev the car to around 6k briefly, check for any hesitation on the way up, this can sometimes point of a dodgy MAF. This normally becomes very apparent when actually driving the car. For a new MAF expect to pay around 80+ for a genuine piece. Always stick with a genuine piece as the pirate parts to no last long at all.

5 - Check the oil level once the engine has been switched off for a while. If the oil level is low, this may indicate a lazy owner. These twin spark engines are known to burn oil and sometimes the owners neglect to regularly check the level. On the 2.0 litre engines they are known to eat big end bearings once the oil level runs low.

6 - Check the tyre wear on the front wheels. If the tyres are worn on the inner edge, this may indicate worn wishbone bushes, the 145's again are known to go through these slightly quicker than a normal ford etc.

7 - In the engine bay, check the chassis legs for corrosion, if you look carefully, you should be able to see the lower part of the bumper in the corners. There should be a leg either side that connects the bumper to the chassis, these are very very prone for corrosion. Another bargining point to have.

8 - Again, in the engine bay, behind where the hinges are for the bonnet are some black foam pads, give these a put out and check for leaves etc. It has been known for these areas to block up on the drainage holes and fill with water, this then leaks in to the cab and can cause electrical problems. Also the water can seep underneath the carpet, thus promoting corrosion to the floor further.

9 - Electric Windows. The drivers side windows are sometimes known to give owners problems, they get lazy over time and can pop out of the runners. It only takes a 8 can of silicone spray to lube it up and you can fix it.

10 - Check the drivers side inner arch for corrosion, if can easily fail an MOT there because a brake line attaches to it.

11 - The Exhausts on these ares can suffer from corrosion around the joins to the boxs pritty bad, make sure you have a good look as replacing the system can be 150 +.

12 - Dashboard lights - All the dashboard lights should illuminate when the key is first turned, many should then extinguish. If the Airbag light remains on, expect to pay around ~40 to get the fault cleared. It is normally a dodgy sensor underneath the drivers seat. Ensure that it is connected properly and put a cable tie around it to prevent it ever from coming loose.
Thats all i can think of right now, if i can think of anything more i shall return!
Can anybody else think of any more points to add? I will then incorperate them in to the points above to make 1 big list which somebody could print out and take with them when viewing a car.
make sure all the lights, light up when you switch on ignition.

This is a good idea, and a good guide! smile.gif
Edited wink.gif
Don't collect/view said Alfa in the dark..
Smokin' Socks
Blue 1.6 juniors are worth their weight in gold
I wish...
lol biggrin.gif

Check all the electrics work?

and make sure it goes in reverse!!! rant.gif
thumbup.gif Well done Langers, a great buyers guide.
Definitely check number 5!!!!

RIP old girl.
Number 2 was a biggie on mine, very important as mine was weird- they had welded new metal on the inside to patch the holes and left all the corrosion on the bottom. Lots of s**t to clean off wasnt there langers!
I've made a little document, similar to the inspection documents they have @ hire companies. The idea is, if you are as anal as me, that you print it off and take it round when viewing a car.

It's not complete so leave feedback! I've hosted it on google docs, BUT download and open it otherwise the formatting will all be screwed.

Link here:
good guide thanks smile.gif
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