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Posted by: laaf 22nd May 2006 11:50

QUOTE(Dogbreath @ May 22 2006, 11:16 AM)
i got some stuff from my neighbour, the back to black stuff that he uses at the garage to sell second hand cars, it works very well although does benefit from a weekly dose to keep eveything in pretty condition.

It's crazy sometimes, he brings his homework home with him, on a sunny evening he waxes, sprays wipers, polishes, hoovers etc and can turn a car around from looking a bit ropey to A1 condition, guess thats how they make their money, bit of spit and polish.

I'm a big fan of Back to Black but the colour of my bumper is patchy and almost white where I have tried to even up some scratches it has.

It will need some colour. I just tried a light coat of the Hycote dark grey bumper paint I bought on a plastic wheelie bin and it seems to have bonded really well. Just a shame it's the wrong colour.

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