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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Twin Spark Engine Only Oily Stuff _ 2.0ltr Cams In My 1.6 Head

Posted by: stevepx 23rd October 2012 17:09

f**king thing did it again!!! Changed the thermostat for a brand new item, careful to fill the system up with coolant and let it all run up to temperature, everything seemed fine, even getting more hot air through the vents, and today on the M25 of all places having driven steady for 80 miles the temp gauge went from 90 to 130 in about 10 seconds.....I pulled over immediately and called the AA...after getting home found that the water level has only gone down a little and can see any signs of water in the engine (although that might appear later) started it up, it's a bit lumpy but nothing too bad...I'm going to run it up tomorrow and leave it ticking over for an hour or so to see if anything happens....I'm at a loss, the head is fine, the block is fine, new thermostat.....what else is there!!!!??? sad.gif sad.gif

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