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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Twin Spark Engine Only Oily Stuff _ Oil pump removal nightmare

Posted by: Pantera 4th November 2019 18:22

Hi Guys.
On the weekend I've tried with no success to remove the oil pump in my 145. I have to change it because of low oil pressure in all the range.
The oil pressure is not ultra low, but as I have an external oil pressure on the dashboard I've noticed that in three months the oil went from 22 psi idle to 14 psi idle and it worries me that it became lower than that.

So, went for it and all went fine until the crankcase pulley removal. The bolt is so tight I couldn't undo it no matter how much force I applied. With a breaker bar and an extension to gain more leverage still couldn't do it.
Do you have some tips to tell me to help me undo this goddamn bolt? The car is not rusted and all the other parts and quite fine. I have read that the bolt is torqued down to 38 kgm so I know I will need to apply a lot of force to break in.

Thank you.

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