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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Spit and Polish _ One Dead Alfa!

Posted by: cloverboy145 29th March 2011 22:40

QUOTE(stevepx @ 29th March 2011 23:22) *
fella thats really bad luck, can tell your furious!!!! presume you got the other parties details.......were the police called?? what did the other guy say?? sorry to hear this but chin up, i'm sure it can be repaired.......

I hit the back of the traffic queue stopped round a blind bend just after a traffic island. I was doing 20mph no more. Nothing I could do but hit the breaks and then a transit connect. which went into a ford kuga. Both were fleet vehicles. The guy I hit was fine until he got out looked at my car, then decided he had a sore neck. The van along with about 10 witnesses all then p**sed off and left us three. I was last man in so will be my fault. van drove off. Police came to direct traffic, nothing else.

Phoned RAC accident management who said that if they needed equipment to move the vehicle they would charge me for the cost. Its a new thing apparently. Offer a service take the monthly premium and then charge you anyway. So they send a transit RAC van after i told them what the damage was. And guess what they needed extra equipment, but don't worry your insurance company will be billed. so Recovery truck comes another two hours later and low loaded her on fine. This guy said no extra charge so fair play to him.

So yeah. I'd just about got her to a good condition where nothing mechanical needed fixing and she was singing like a beauty.

Guess thats the way it goes.

Good news we managed to get them to tow her to my dads lock up where she is firmly out of reach for now. They wanted to send her to an accident management company compound. I'd never have seen her again.

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