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Posted by: se145 16th January 2019 16:18

Wow - been a while since i have been on here! Still got the 145 after years of storage, now trying to get it back on the road, need some help if possible please:

Have the dreaded airbag light rant.gif - on a TRW2 ECU. Have connected via MES, cleared all faults except this one:

05 - Passenger squib circuit

The indicated airbag circuit(s) have an open, short to battery + or ground, or a weak connection (open circuit). The fault may also be in the ECU or in the sqib circuit(s). Inspect wiring and connections for opens, shorts and weak connections

I only have the driver steering wheel airbag tho? no passenger or side airbags

FYI Steering wheel was swapped out 2 years ago, and airbag light came on (so delayed me again until now)
Possible bad connections in steering wheel airbag unit? but why would it say passenger?

Thanks Stu


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