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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Twin Spark Engine Only Oily Stuff _ Fuel Pump

Posted by: Desperado 16th April 2018 19:21

QUOTE(145man @ 16th April 2018 19:05) *
Hi All
Following the restoration the car is alll back together now.
Tried starting it yesterday with no joy, fuel not getting to fuel rail. Taken the fuel line off the fuel pump and no fuel being pumped!!
Fuel tank was completely empty so put in 5 litres of super unleaded, I thought that should be enough to get it started but maybe it needs more.
Had to change the pump for a second hand unit as I broke the one that was in the car - maybe itís a dud. Or is it a relay in the BBOB.
Any other thoughts?
Any input gratefully received


Assuming its fuel...squirt some easy start into the intake, it should try to go.....

CF1 or 2?

If CF1 [which is my experience] Check that the inertia switch under the passenger seat hasnt popped. If its not that, then test for 12v on the black/purple cable on the fuel pump connector, you may need to crank the engine, I dont think the CF1's allow fuel pressure without engine turning.

Have you got a 12v test prod? use that to power the pump independantly, the pumps are very quiet when running.

If the pump runs on independant 12v then go to the FP relay....

Are te relays in their original positions, I'll post some more details soon...I have it all written down as Ive done this recently!!

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