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> Bmc Air Filters
post 26th May 2011 13:05
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1.3 8v

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Hi guys,

first let me introduce myself: I'm Vincent, 21 years-old (22 soon), French and Alfa Romeo enthusiast. My main passion is classic cars (especially alfas of course) and I drive a 146 1.9 JTD for 3 years now. I've seen that BMC produces air filters for this model and I'd like to know if it's worth changing the original paper filter for one of those? It seems like the airflow would be better and so the performance (I guess it's a very little gain obviously) but I'd like some feedback before if some of you tried.

Here's the link: http://www.bmcairfilters.com/search_a.aspx?marca=1&lng=3

thanks in advance for your help!

best regards,

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post 26th May 2011 15:10
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1.7 16v

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hi vincent

we have very limited knowledge of the diesel 145/6s as there were not sold in the uk sad.gif

but diesel's rely on free flow air to the enigne and out of the engine too smile.gif

id also get an after market inclosed air box as there are better than the standard alfa air box, but im not sure about the diesel as ive never seen one blush.gif

R.I.P 146 :(

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(easy naan, the other type of helmet :lol:)

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post 26th May 2011 18:00
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1.6 8v

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I have just got a BMC cda from a volvo T5 R..... its massive! Its getting bolted to a 1.8!!!! The thing to look for is mountings, manufactures sell specific filters for specific cars but the real deal is fitting..... and i mean anything to anything! Suck it and see!
I had an escort with a green scourer and a pair of tights as a filter.... perrfect! Sounded awesome! Your engine wants more air, quicker! Go higher than lower on specs. None at all means bees and wasps out the exhaust.... flow the air in there and created a pressure to force or partially 'supercharge' will improve take up or throttle response...... 3500 for a supercharger! Quiet air in..... very noisy air and gas out! Brrrrmmmmmmm! Chicks dig that sh*t!

No such thing as a model specific air filter.... only mountings!
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post 26th May 2011 19:01
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1.8 16v

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From: Lincolnshire

BMC are good but all your buying is the name...much like K&N and Pipercross etc

look HERE this should do the trick smile.gif

'You know you're a true petrol head when you've had to buy parts for your Alfa'
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