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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Twin Spark Engine Only Oily Stuff _ Help ! Why does my 145 sound like diesel ?

Posted by: crediblethreat 7th January 2019 11:10

QUOTE(JeremyG @ 6th January 2019 17:27) *
First of all, welcome, and congratulations on your purchase!

That sounds like the variator needs replacing - if the clattering sound is audible during and just after startup.

Are you new to Alfa twin spark ownership?

Hey there & thank you smile.gif

Yes i'm new to Alfa Romeo this is my first Alfa car and i absolutely have no idea about its mechanical stuff. So you guys think it's the variator ? How much would be the cost of a new part in order to replace this? If we connect the cars ECU to a PC with diagnostics will it show anything up? My friend who is a very good mechanic said that it's the head gasket and it needs replacement..with that i'll do a general service too.

QUOTE(dante giacosa @ 7th January 2019 00:07) *
As Jeremy says, Credible...

It's the camshaft variator.
Do you, er, have any other friends, who are mechanics...?

Yes i do, but i trust my close friend more and he is experienced..although he did a short "diagnosis" just by listening the engine running and he told me it's 99% the head gasket.

Also, my car has done in total about 190.000km

PS: I can upload a video with the engine running if you guys like.

Thanks in advance guys !

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