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Posted by: Steve Hill 24th October 2012 15:40

Been a busy bee today...

Replaced rear wheel bearings..borrowed a 3/4 drive socket set..easy with the right tools!

Fitted door mechanism.....what a pain..took longer than both wheel bearings..and...try as I could..and believe me I was gentler than a gentle thing from the planet gentle..but I still broke the bloody speaker grill lug clean off... rant.gif ..still at least the boss can open her door now...thanks to Vantastic for the spare bit

Changed spark plugs...last lot were NGK..62,000 miles and still looked ok..well the point of a couple of the smaller ones had seen better days...

Believe it or not 5 of the 8 plug wells had oil in them..the small plug furthest from the filler cap had so much I could just see the top of the plug...even though I am careful topping up and re-filling with oil I could imagine cylinder 1 plugs having oil in..but the furthest away?..especially if number 3 was dry? Number 1 both plugs gad a lot of oil, indeed the small plug, like in number 4 cylinder was barely visible!

Still it would appear to make a nonsense of saying a mis-fire is caused by oil in number one cylinder plugs!

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