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Posted by: JeremyG 28th October 2019 15:53

QUOTE(dante giacosa @ 28th October 2019 14:26) *
are you dismantling the V6 on your forecourt; or in the house?!!

Ah yes, the forecourt... well, we moved house a couple of months ago so that lovely flat, paved surface is but a distant memory... my driveway is now a gravelly slope that doesn't lend itself well to jacking up cars.

So I'm only working on the top end of the V6... even removing the heads will be tricky, and if it comes to that I may give up on it.

Currently I'm battling near zero compression on all cylinders which I'm hoping means a few valves are sticking. I've had the inlet manifolds off, sent the injectors for cleaning, tested all the coil packs - despite spark and fuel, the car won't start. I know the engine will run because it did so, right at the beginning of this saga...

Current gadget - borrowed a mini endoscope camera thing from a neighbour (saxophonist & fellow Alfa owner) to inspect the cylinders - all piston crowns look OK.

Next line of attack will be to remove the cams and cam followers and see if I can manipulate the valves into un-sticking; plus, I'll obviously have to reset the timing which I guess could also be an issue.

So in short - I'm getting pretty good at removing bits from the top of a Busso - and all of the myriad hex screws that hold it together...!

I'll leave you with a picture of the "Holy Trinity":

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