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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ News _ Insurance Even On Sorn Cars

Posted by: rdanny 3rd March 2011 18:36

I did hear it before but it got mentioned again today,
Later this year you will have to Insure all vehicles owned?? How true is this? Anybody know anything?

Posted by: xyy81t 3rd March 2011 18:45

i heard it on the radio this morning so i guess its either being talked about or going to happen.

Posted by: BIG F@ TW@ 3rd March 2011 19:02

From what I understand..........ANY car owned by you has to have insurance cover or they will write to you and ask you why it's not insured, then they will fine you 100 after that if not satisfied. Then after that possibly court.

Cheaper to leave it and risk it if it's only 100 fine! oh and a letter before that.

Posted by: craig26283 3rd March 2011 19:06

It's like this....

If you have a car and it is on your land SORNed then this means nothing to you, all is fine and dandy... no insurance needed.

If you have a car say that you are not using fir a while, and so drop the insurance but keep it taxed, then this can no longer be done. The car must be insured.

Bit of a b**ger... my friend kinda wants to get a wee car now whilst she has the money whilst learning to drive. The plan was to just keep it taxed, but when this comes into play she will need to insure it even if she isnt actually using it.

Posted by: coconut3 3rd March 2011 19:11

That's right - You won't need to insure a SORN'd car. Otherwise I'm sure half the folk on this forum would be broke!!

Posted by: oli 3rd March 2011 19:14

Do you have a link for that information? What you said doesnt appear to change anything. If the car is kept on a public road it has to have insurance and tax anyway. Whats the difference?

Posted by: coconut3 3rd March 2011 19:17

I haven't seen it anywhere else so it may amount to nothing...

I was under the impression that if the car was on the road it needed insurance whether it was being driven or not - maybe it's a regional thing?

Posted by: oli 3rd March 2011 19:23

oh I think I see what you mean now. So a car legally must have both tax and insurance or neither, not one or the other?

Thats a bit annoying especially when you are in a position where you are planning on taking the car off the road, for example your tax expires but you still have a month left on the insurance. You dont cancel the insurance because you get the benefit of another years no claims bonus. So now if you want the ncb you have to fork out for another 6 months tax! sad.gif

Posted by: coconut3 3rd March 2011 19:26

I don't think this makes you need to have both or neither - just makes sure that unless the car is SORN, it needs insurance. Tax rules remain the same. That way you could have it SORN and still use any remainder of insurance for continuity of NCB.

That's how I read it anyway...

Posted by: oli 3rd March 2011 19:34

oh right yeah scrap what I said, I got it the wrong way round. Well all you need to do then is reclaim the tax that's left on the car in that case. Shouldn't cause any problems from what I can tell.

Posted by: E500 TAT 3rd March 2011 19:56

QUOTE(coconut3 @ 3rd March 2011 19:17) *

That story does not add up.

If you get caught driving a car with no insurance they'll impound your car, end of.

To get it back you must prove you have insurance, in his case starting from scratch, pay the 125 fine plus any storage costs whilst they've had your car, IIRC about 12 a day.

You'll not sort insurance out in a couple of days, getting the certificate etc so you'll be looking at a bill of around 150 odd plus having to pay for the insurance too.

Posted by: NaanBread 3rd March 2011 20:02

well it serves you right for not driving with insurance then lol

Posted by: oli 3rd March 2011 20:05

if you're taxed, mot'd and you're nice and co-operative they'll allow you to arrange insurance there on the spot and you'll just incur points and a fine. Got that from Road Wars tongue.gif

Posted by: E500 TAT 3rd March 2011 20:10

QUOTE(oli @ 3rd March 2011 20:05) *
. Got that from Road Wars tongue.gif

Nothing to do with the tv cameras there then? whistle.gif

Posted by: rdanny 3rd March 2011 20:23

So are we ok to get a car and keep it on our drives if it is sorn?
Because that's not how I have heard things ?

Insurance is a MUST on any car you own is what I keep hearing?
If it's true it will mess up all my plans anyway. (and most peoples hobbies on here)

Posted by: coconut3 3rd March 2011 20:49

If the car is off the road (ie SORN) then no insurance is or will be needed. The law that's changing is folk that leave their car declared on the road but don't insure it. Apparently you could do that as long as you didn't drive it. Now you can't - if this comes into force

Posted by: oli 3rd March 2011 21:20

is this some sort of big rescue attempt for the insurance companies I wonder? There's been a few reports recently that a lot of them are in financial difficulty. The European Court just last week ruled that charging women lower insurance premiums than men is discriminating so they will have to charge them more now.

Posted by: rdanny 3rd March 2011 21:36

Guess we will find out this year,
Sounds like you ether tax and insure...
Or sorn and private parking..

Sounds simple if that's all it is, then ok then.

But I don't trust the gits

Posted by: NaanBread 3rd March 2011 21:40

insurance companies are toss pots we all know that! there is no need to charge anyone as much as they do, if it continues to go up then they themselves will be loosing money as less people cant afford to drive cars. they will only become there own enemy. due to it being so expensive is the reason theres so many uninsured drivers!

coconut is right, there is no possible way that they could enforce EVERY single car in use or not. its ridiculous. The new law that is coming in should not effect anyone really.

Posted by: Macca 3rd March 2011 22:24

I heard about this, its from the 1st april is it not?

Posted by: Sedicivalvole 29th November 2013 19:26

This is really annoying to me. Kills the whole aspect of a second car.

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