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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Twin Spark Engine Only Oily Stuff _ Help to remove the 145QV Engine

Posted by: JeremyG 10th February 2019 08:52

The workshop manual describes how to remove the engine and gearbox complete from under the car (as per Cloverleaf76ís posts).

Hereís the link:

However, itís written from the perspective that you have the car on a lift!

If you donít have one available then I guess youíd need to disconnect everything from the top of the engine, then jack the car up and support it high enough to drop the engine out, then drop the engine/gearbox.

It would be great to get a POV from those who have done this if up or down is the best way to go if you donít have a lift available. And if down, do you support the engine from above on a sling or from below on a jack?

Any takers?

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