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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ ECU Diagnostics _ Airbag Light Came On While Driving

Posted by: will145 16th May 2014 18:44

Thanks for your help....I haven't got a clue with these sort of things. After a lot of fiddling with parameters, I finally got the laptop to connect with the engine ECU, and this all works fine. However, it still wouldn't connect to the airbag ECU, so I had a look.....and it seems I have one of those ECU's that the DIY software can't connect to. mad.gif I can possibly take it to my company's dealership and get them to do it....its just its an hour if this is a bad idea.....just a there any reason why I can't swap the ECU out of my other car? AFAIK, its the same ECU.....

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