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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ The Rest Of The Car _ Custom jacking puck

Posted by: dante giacosa 19th October 2019 07:55

I recently spent a load of time making this.

It's asymmetrical, in that one way round fits either the front, or back of the car.

Cut outs are for the bodykit side skirts, and the off-centre central channel takes into account legacy sill-damage on my example.

I made a much simpler one recently for the FIAT, and have yet to rout out the rear to accept the trolley-jack foot better.

Then I'll varnish it up.


Posted by: JeremyG 24th October 2019 17:00

Nice idea - I'd thought of doing something similar for the GTV/Spider, which has a similar vertical seam for its jacking points.

The supplied scissor jack has a v-shaped section to fit around the seam - but is useless. The seam is therefore almost always crushed flat by jacking it up using a trolley jack.

I had in mind a section of wood with a slot cut into it as an alternative - but yours is much more sophisticated!

Posted by: dante giacosa 25th October 2019 07:11

Thanks Dr G!

I felt confident a GT-owner would be able to see the point!

yeah; I try to save the supplied jack now; they're not particularly quick; or exude a sort of 'unbreakable' confidence about them! They're an emergency thing really...

Posted by: Ganz 26th June 2020 20:48

Looks good Dante - I'd still have a problem of clearing the sill with the jack. I've got a 85mm clearance allowance. Not had the chance to use the new jack but it will clear according to the measurements.

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