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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Carnage Corner _ What I Woke Up To!

Posted by: GialloEvo94 27th April 2013 11:01

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I hope you reported it to the police as a hit and run. Is there any CCTV at the hotel you could ask to look at?

You might want to check how much your insurance premium will go up by if you put in a claim. Mine is currently in for repair at the moment to get the dent in the door sorted along with the nasty crease down the rear quarter panel plus the dent in the front wing. It's being done through insurance and will add an extra 30 onto my annual premium (I've got protected no claims that helps) which I thought was fair enough. Unfortunately though it doesn't take much to write off these cars if you do put in a claim. The cost of actually doing the repairs on mine did go above the insurance write-off limit but between the garage and I we came to an agreement to leave a few things off that I could tackle myself afterwards (mainly the front grille and door mirror) which then brought the repair costs to just under the write-off value. Unfortunately they wouldn't tell me what value that limit was as it's between them and the insurance company. Might be worth considering getting yours fixed insurance through if it comes in under the write-off value and isn't going to bump up your premium by too much.

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