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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ ICE Lounge _ Bose car soundsystem

Posted by: GROPIUS 26th October 2017 08:04

QUOTE(dante giacosa @ 26th October 2017 08:28) *
That sounds exciting GROPIUS.

I've done 20 years of pro-sound-system installation and have recently gone off on a bit of a bender with the 146 (have been saving some retro-goodies for the right car).

I wouldn't have said the BOSE stuff was 'over priced'- just that it is expensive!!!

But a lot does go into it.

I my experience of other cars I have had with the BOSE gear as standard- they tend to favour quite a low-heavy one, which is usually a bit much to my ears.

Can't wait to see what you've got though!

get a picture..!

I've been a musician since the late 70s.
Did a degree at the SAE Institute in Munich as a sound assistant and worked for a small label for about 2years.
I normally go for HighEnd gear like Focal or JL-Audio speakers.
(I love Kenwoods for some strange reason
Always had PMC speakers (and Genelecs) with cyrus Mono Amps in my Studio set-ups...
blows you away...NO distortion at any level.

Don't mind the low heavy sound just needs some tweeters to soften the lot.
The door cards and rear will need some alterations...we'll see

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