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Posted by: VROOM 9th June 2019 18:48

Wow, she still goes well for an old thing!

Posted by: duemila 10th June 2019 14:15

QUOTE(VROOM @ 9th June 2019 19:48) *

Wow, she still goes well for an old thing!

And stays very cold

Posted by: alfizta 10th June 2019 15:11

QUOTE(duemila @ 10th June 2019 15:15) *
And stays very cold

with no fuel...

Posted by: langers 10th June 2019 19:34

Dash is dead, bloody temperamental thing hey...

Posted by: VROOM 10th June 2019 20:38

Ha ha .. Battery had been disconnected whilst I removed and re-centred the steering wheel. Noticed the dials at the extremes and thought I was in for some wiring fun! As soon as I re-started the engine they went back to normal thank god! I remember when I first got the car, I thought the dials were broken when the needle showed 10mph at a standstill. Eventually noticed the little rest that the needle was sitting on.

Posted by: dante giacosa 12th June 2019 12:48

crikey what a relief

when I initially saw that picture my mouth fell open!

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