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Posted by: GialloEvo94 18th March 2006 13:48

I have now removed the injectors and checked each one...they are all producing a powerful spray of fuel so that isn't the problem either.

With the engine running I have been round and unplugged any connector I can find in turn (just one at any one time) with exception of the ECU obviously. None of them unplugged change the running of the engine with the exception of the brown one which stops the engine completely so I can only assume this is to the fuel pump.

I now believe the car is actually only running on TWO cylinders sad.gif because if I unplug either of the injectors on cylinders 3 of 4 nothing changes, but if I unplug either of the injectors on cylinders 1 & 2 the car nearly stalls.

I am now beginning to think the problem is a lot more serious than I first thought sad.gif and WHITE smoke is puffing out of the exhaust sad.gif Is this a normal symptom of a car running on only 2 cylinders???? (i.e. is it just the unburnt fuel from the other two cylinders?).

It's booked into the stealers on Thursday but now I am beginning to think that my bank account is going to be rather empty by this time next weekend sad.gif sad.gif It's sods other (Italian) car which I've had for over 9 years hasn't missed a single beat in the engine department even though it used to be my daily drive, but this 6 year old Alfa which has less miles on and which I've only had for 9 months has already broken down in what seems to be a serious way mad.gif

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