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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ FAQ _ Cylinder Head Rebuilding [1]

Posted by: GialloEvo94 12th March 2006 10:22

Hi Steve,

They are actually NGK plugs (written on the ceramic top of each plug). The invoice lists them as BKR6EKPA (x4) and PMR7A (x4) at 64 for the lot so unless the garage lied it does mean the proper plugs have been fitted smile.gif

The more I think about the problem the more I'm beginning to wonder how the lambda probe could cause it to run so badly (if it is indeed the probe at fault). It really does sound like a tractor...not just slightly lumpy sad.gif And can a lambda probe just give up like that mid-way through driving?

Is there any way of testing the lambda probe for a fault rather than just taking a pot-shot chance by replacing it? unsure.gif Like the plugs, it's a an expensive part to buy (about 95) so to replace it and then find no difference would be a real bummer.

Maybe I will try to take an audio recording of the engine running later on and post it up if I can.

It's like a spagetti junction of leads down there blink.gif Is it possible to disconnect and remove the secondary plug coil packs & leads during the diagnosis process (i.e. in a 'normal' running engine would the lack of a spark in the secondary plugs make a noticable running noise difference to the engine?).

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