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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ ECU Diagnostics _ Need help for diagnosis -- funny Lambda readings

Posted by: billyleung_146 9th December 2017 00:15

QUOTE(dante giacosa @ 8th December 2017 20:31) *
Hey Billy-

I think you might have answered that yourself...

You can't skimp on the expense of the key sensors, I don't think. There are only two or three that you need to get the real thing.

The lambda is one of them I think- you can't expect much from a 20 sensor!

I'm rocking a 1.8 TS 146 myself (plastic top) and I just replaced the lambda this week.

Admittedly not without expense- the part number for me; if it's any use for you was 46750241, and I paid 78 + vat.

You don't want to wish for ECU problems!
Any chance of a picture of your car..?

Thanks for the reply. Let me look for a photo later.

I am still wondering what the "Lambda sensor integrator" reading represent. Is it indicating the short period fuel trim? If so, what is the unit? After reviving the engine for a while, the "integrator" value eventually didn't stay always at zero, but went negative.

The graph captured while idling:

The graph captured while holding rpm at 2500-3000 (see the 2 plateau in the air flow curve) :

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