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Posted by: malfarati 20th January 2016 21:21

QUOTE(GialloEvo94 @ 20th January 2016 01:01) *
I would be inclined to steer clear of a CF3 engine. While the crankshaft on a CF3 may be lighter than a CF2 they reportedly suffer from greater wear problems than the CF2 engine does. I have purposely avoided a replacement CF3 engine for mine because of this very reason. The problem is that most of the donor TS engines that do come up for sale nowadays seem to be the CF3 variant. The cars that had the CF2 engine are so old now that most of them have long been scrapped complete with the engine unfortunately, so the CF2 engines now seem to be quite a rare find.

Both the CF2 and CF3 engines have the plastic cover on but the easiest way to tell the difference between a CF2 and CF3 is by the throttle body housing (assuming it is still fitted to the engine). The CF2 engine has a cable operated TB and the CF3 engine has an electronic "fly-by-wire" operated TB.

Some great advice there, thanks. I've decided to keep as many of the existing parts as possible and replace/update as when needed, this is also mainly for financial reasons too.

There is another point I need to think about, a decision between a respray costing about 2k, or to go for a wrap? Any ideas anyone?

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