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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Twin Spark Engine Only Oily Stuff _ What is the right engine temperature for an AR 145/146?

Posted by: Antonio 25th April 2018 22:07

Hmm...I think the problem is simpler than how you see it.

CF1 and CF2 can be retrofitted without major problems, so I don't think this is the reason of the issues you face, only the head gasket varies in thickness(My99 has more CR)

Me think that you instrument cluster doesn't match with the temp sensor fitted to the engine, has your's the chrome rings around the gauges?

Your thermostat should open at 83C (both versions works at 83C) and looks like you have the correct temp sensor by looking at the pics you provided, so all this is okay.

Then, if all above is correct, then you can start looking into cooling issues. Best is to get a diagnostic tool to compare temp readings ECU vs Instrument cluster, check 1st and 2nd speeds of radiator fan and so on..on open roads, engine temp should be near the opening temp of the thermostat, even if you trash it, if it goes up when asking for power, you radiator is internally clogged (usual). The thing is that you say you have most problems on slow, city driving..what's the ambient temp out there?

QUOTE(alfizta @ 25th April 2018 13:16) *
I own a CF1 146 1.6 TS and temp sits at between the 80C and 60C marks (misprinted dashboard) meaning that is really about 80 C.
I aslo own a CF2 156 1.8 TS and temp sits at almost 90 C meaning that is really at about 90 C.
both thermostats in good working order already replaced at least once.

what is confusing is that 146 service manual does not mention this specs differences between CF1 and CF2 engines. only refers to thermostat opening at 83 C.
elearn for 156 either, and only mention opening at 83 C
gtv service manual, the same.
only found 88 C opening temp in elearn for the 147.
what is more confusing is that, according to eper parts list, there are versions of CF1 TS engines using the V2 thermostat and therefore working at 88 C.

156 has the software of the temp gauge made the way that when coolant temp reaches 70C, it points at 90C an never moves only if you go below 70C or +110C so they can't be trusted (I think 145/6 MY99 works like this, but I can't confirm as I don't have the engine fitted to my 146 Ti CF2)

147 2.0 TS has CF3 management wich is way different than the older ones, so nothing to help from here

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