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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Twin Spark Engine Only Oily Stuff _ What is the right engine temperature for an AR 145/146?

Posted by: alfizta 25th April 2018 10:16

well, this is somewhat embarrassing, as service manuals as contradictory, misleading and incorrect.
there are 2 different thermostats available for TS engines.

V1, only for CF1 engines (metal top), part no. 60614140, specs says it opens at 83 șC
V2, for CF2 engines (plastic top), part no. 60653946, specs says it opens at 88 șC
this information confirms what I wrote here.

I own a CF1 146 1.6 TS and temp sits at between the «80șC» and «60șC» marks (misprinted dashboard) meaning that is really about 80 șC.
I aslo own a CF2 156 1.8 TS and temp sits at almost «90 șC» meaning that is really at about 90 șC.
both thermostats in good working order already replaced at least once.

what is confusing is that 146 service manual does not mention this specs differences between CF1 and CF2 engines. only refers to thermostat opening at 83 șC.
elearn for 156 either, and only mention opening at 83 șC
gtv service manual, the same.
only found 88 șC opening temp in elearn for the 147.
what is more confusing is that, according to eper parts list, there are versions of CF1 TS engines using the V2 thermostat and therefore working at 88 șC.

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