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Posted by: lancer778544 8th April 2019 21:53

QUOTE(STEVIE BOY @ 8th April 2019 21:14) *
How do I remove the abs sensor, is that supposed to be an Allen nut? Need to get a clear approach to bottom pinch nut.

Hi Stevie,

I'm currently battling the same issue on my 145 boxer. It was originally an allen bolt but like all rusty allen bolts, its already rounded at the mere thought of you wanting to undo it. I tried welding another bolt to the top of it but it just sheared further down. In my case, the bolt was hardened so I've ordered a cobalt drill bit to try and get it to shift, otherwise I'll have to hold the new sensor in with a cable tie or something. On my car. the hole for the thread goes all the way through the knuckle with enough room at the end (I think) to put a nut if you did have to drill through the bolt and couldn't tap a new thread for whatever reason but I don't know if the knuckles on the boxer and twin sparks are different. My ABS sensor was badly cracked and stuck in place so I had to destroy it to get it out so you may not want to disturb it if you can help it.

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