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> Bhp Tax - In Italy, You'll love this
post 25th February 2012 21:12
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Apparantly buying a new performance car in italy has just got a bit more bloody expensive. Any car over (its calculated in kilowatts) 185kw, thats around 248bhp is charged an additional 17 per KW. in real terms for example a new hyper car with 720BHP (560KW) will cost 7500 in tax alone each year plus the usual 1500. even a M5 with 412KW will have to pay 15,000 over the first 3 years of ownership where as in the UK it would be 1920 in road tax...insane or what!!! apparantly dealerships are closing by the day and the performance car market has fallen off a cliff.....mad when you think about the stable income into the counties GDP comes from sales of ferrari's, Lambo's, Massers etc... check out EVO magazine for the full story... unsure.gif no3.gif blink.gif

Actually GDP is not totally screwed by this new system as sales/exports make up a whole load of income.. blush.gif

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