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Posted by: Bristolbilly 3rd November 2011 10:38

To be honest there seems to be pro's and con's with both engines I don't like the sound of dropin the lump out when I want to change the cam belts but if I overhaul the engine and service it before it goes in this shouldn't be a problem also sound is a major factor for me it has to make the right noises also 350bhp is well above what I'm lookin for as u said gearbox plus runnin costs just don't sound great I'd be more than happy with 270-290bhp in a car that is as small as the 145 sayin that it all depends on what I can pick a donor car up for I've seen plenty of 20v's for around the 500 mark with no mot or tax but hardly any 16v's most of them are up around the 1000's-1500's and I wanted to do the swap over winter for around 1500-2000 As I am missing turbo power and throwing that at my Rs wouldn't even make a dent in the money pit it's turnt out to be. How much do u think I can get formy engine and box?? As every little helps and all that

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