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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ ECU Diagnostics _ ECU Fault Codes

Posted by: alanthealfa 1st July 2008 01:33

QUOTE(GialloEvo94 @ 29th June 2008 09:06) *
No because the OBD diagnostics connector on the 145/146 is only a 3-pin connector with a 2-wire connection to the ECU. It doesn't use the standard 16-pin OBD connector. Therefore you need a electronic or software-based reader to get the codes.

reet, i'm just startign to get my self organised to get some kit, software etc for reading the fault codes on my 146.
Can some one please do an idiots guide, ie what plugs, sofwtare, etc etc are required which combinatiosn work etc. i've read stacks of info and am somewhat confused, most of the obd readers i have seen use the 16 pin plug, is there a way of converting the 16 pin to use the 3 pin?

secondly to this, has anyone any experience of reprogramming the ecu, theres stacks of kit and information but i'm new to the ecu game, i grew up with points, and carburetors,
give me a pair of SU's or a distributor and points any day of the week.

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