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post 20th May 2006 10:47
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1.4 16v

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I have recently noticed a minor annoyance with my QV that I would appreciate some advice on.

It is quite hard to describe exactly what it does but I will try. When I accelerate from cold, the engine fails to deliver the power I am asking for. If I let the throttle off and reapply, often it will accelerate as it should but if I keep my foot in, it labours for a bit then delivers the correct power.

It still accelerates throughout but just feels like everything in the engine is moving in slow motion or struggling through soup. It feels like fuel is not being delivered in the requisite quantity.

Once warm, it is fine.

Does this sound like classic air flow meter issues?

If so, where would I find the b**ger to give it a clean?

Also, is a MAF just an AFM for dyslexics? wink.gif
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