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Posted by: GialloEvo94 21st May 2006 09:31

QUOTE(Uberf1end @ May 21 2006, 10:14 AM)
I can't believe I am having to post this but I cannot get the clips undone that attach the intake pipes either side of the AFM  angry.gif

They seem a fairly simple clip together mechanism but they have a sort of channel with a sliding tab in it. They have CLIC-R (IIRC) written next to them. A glance around the engine bay demostrates that I am going to need to work the pesky little b**gers out - is there a trick to them?

I feel slightly retarded but I don't want to risk brute force as it I break anything the only chance I would have of replacing it today would be Halfrauds....

Squeeze them together with a pair of pliers then use a small flat-ended screwdriver to prise the clip open. They're also not so easy to clip together again either (especially the tiny ones) so I suggest that when putting everything back together you just replace them with some standard jubilee clips of the same diameter biggrin.gif

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