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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ ECU Diagnostics _ Phase 1 (TRW2) airbag diagnostics - Solved!

Posted by: JeremyG 3rd August 2018 07:00

Hello, I know that article from Alfaowner very well, having had the exact same issue with my own Spider (which is an early model with the troublesome TRW2 airbag ECU).

However - that article is now pretty old (2015), and the good news is that MES subsequently added support for said airbag and I was able to clear the airbag warning light on my car that way without problem.

A few points to note:

1) On the Spider, the TRW2 airbag ECU part number is 60625181. This doesn't look the same as the one you're quoting above, Ganz.

2) A quirk of the Spider installation is that to talk to that airbag ECU, the 3-pin lead needs to be modified to disconnect the L-line. You can do this on the car (the flylead leading to the diagnostic socket) or on your 3-pin lead to your PC. The L-line is connected to the pin "on its own" separated from the other two by the key in the socket. In this little schematic it's the one on the left => o|oo (this will make sense if you look at the plug on your flylead). Just cut the corresponding wire and bingo, your diagnostic software will talk happily to the ECU. I do not know if this applies to the 145 airbag, but you never know...

3) My copy of MES also flashed up the warning about disconnecting the airbag pretensioners and replacing them with squibs (?) before continuing with the reset - I ignored that, and nothing bad happened. I guess there's an outside chance the airbags or pretensioners might be triggered when tinkering this way...

I'm going to be removing the centre console and lower dash on my 145 in the next few days in preparation for floorpan welding so I'll take a look at the airbag setup on my car...


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