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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ "How To" Guides _ Brakes: Rear Disc And Pad Replacement

Posted by: DIYJan 24th September 2012 08:21

Hi all
I tried changing my rear discs using this guide this weekend, and would like to add a couple of notes.
1. On my car (a 146 1.8 TS, plastic top, year 2000) the bolts holding the discs were 12mm, not 14.
2. You can actually change the discs without removing the caliper support - with just a tiny amount of wiggling the space allows you to pull the old ones out and put the new ones on.
3. Very, very important: Before refitting, the rear brakes pistons must be wound back with a screwing motion, and not by simply pushing on them. Unfortunately I didn't catch on this when reading the guide (English isn't my first language) and bought a "universal" tool which only pushes on the piston; only when I realized that something isn't right and called my dad's auto mechanic buddy, he explained my mistake to me.
Hope these points will be helpful.


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