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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Twin Spark Engine Only Oily Stuff _ 2.0ltr Cams In My 1.6 Head

Posted by: black 146 25th September 2012 14:16

QUOTE(stevepx @ 25th September 2012 14:30) *
so discovered part of the poor running issue, the exhaust wasn't sealed properly at the front pipe, no wonder it was sounding it heated up it would gradually seal itself but when cold it was sorted that little gem out things sem to be a bit better.. noticed it still sounds harder edged which i like and pickup over about 3500-4000 rpm has improved a lot, remap still needed to make the most of it... KIRK46 did you find yours was a little flat high in the rev range in 3rd/4th, suspect too much air and not enough fuel which again would be sorted by a remap..there are a few places round here that do chip replacement but need a rolling road to sort the set it though...

what injectors are you using + manifold ?

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