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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ The Rest Of The Car _ Service Time

Posted by: dante giacosa 26th March 2020 20:23

Fair enough- fingers crossed then

well; thank you for asking, Muskie-

as it happens; the aircon is a bit of a saga.
Thanks to JeremyG's efforts; immediately after I got the car a few years ago, the system was pressurised, but still non-functional.
I thought about it a bit, and whilst fooling around under the bonnet trying to bring-in the radiator-fan, a couple of summers ago, I inadvertently brought in the A/C compressor a couple of times.

(note-to-self; the radiator fans speeds; are switched-negative / constant-positive)

This led me to believe the likely culprit was the pressure-switch. (as the compressor clutch clearly was able to engage with the belt)

One of the two joys of the 146.gif 145.gif A/C system is that;

a) it is NOT climate controlled; so there isn't any 'complex' electronics governing it's operation

b) as these cars are not turbocharged; there is masses of room under the bonnet to access all the pipework

However; In three years of ownership; I had yet to direct resources into significantly pursuing this issue.
Last week I did, and guess what; in the first instance; the condenser is holed.

I don't think that is the sole problem; but I am delighted to discover a distinguishable issue into which resources can be put to further the outcome that I want (working A/C).

However circumstances have overtaken us now; and so I will have to wait a period of time before the next episode.

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