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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Twin Spark Engine Only Oily Stuff _ 2.0ltr Cams In My 1.6 Head

Posted by: stevepx 23rd October 2012 18:19

QUOTE(black 146 @ 23rd October 2012 18:35) *
i know i keep going on but what's the temp on the hoses and how are you bleeding it
have you clear the rad out ? or i would to to stick a rad flush in i done some cars where i run it till hot then leave it over night then get it to temp before you empty it

Bottom hose came up to temp..
Not sure what you mean about bleeding it, there are no bleed points in the coolant system so filling it with coolant, running the temp up until the stat opens with the heater turned on hot...then topping it off..

not tried rad flush, i'll get some tomorrow,

Could be a block in a hose that moves and then blocks again, thats all i can think off..

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