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Posted by: buellboy 14th February 2011 17:10

QUOTE(FLORIN @ 14th February 2011 16:58) *
so are you telling me that the ecu scan without the euro box is not possible????
why i need 2 x serial port???
did you try like this and it is working?
Thank you a lot .

The only systems, at the moment, that work with the GM Rochester are Fiat Examiner (at over 2000+) or Uniscan/Euroscan (100 which is the box and the cables but excluding the 2x serial port cards). FiatEcuScan *MAY* add support in the distant future but for now, those are the only two options.

Uniscan 1.83/Euroscan DOES work very well with it, but GM Rochester is a SELF-CLEARING Ecu so there is not much point!

You need 2x serial ports

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