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Posted by: VROOM 27th February 2018 20:43

QUOTE(JeremyG @ 25th February 2018 17:48) *
I had a little time today to investigate the 146 (having had a few Spider-related dramas to deal with yesterday).

Jacked up the driver's side, had a good look, attacked it with a wire brush and discovered the usual rows of holes for the front and rear footwell drainholes, plus a previous repair to the sill at the front and a further repair needed further back.

(As an aside - I have no idea what Alfa thought their 145/146 owners would be doing in their cars that would necessitate footwell drain holes, but that's a question for another day...).

I'll have to drill out the retaining screws for the sill trim so that can wait till next weekend.

Pictures show - rear drain holes (plus view of carpet):

Front drain holes (sorry, out of focus):

Front sill repair:

Rear repair required:

Now, assuming this is replicated on the other side, roughly what will that cost me in welding? Any thoughts?

And what is the best way of dealing with the drain holes - given each one sits in its own channel - cut out the rust and weld in separate plates to fill each hole? Or fabricate a single patch to replace each row of holes in one?

Any thoughts on the likely welding costs would be welcome...

Whoever did the rear drain holes on mine seemed to have ground away the rust to leave bigger holes with jagged edges and then welded one big plate on from the other side. They then filled the holes with some sort of "chewing gum" and slapped over sticky underseal. It was an awful job trying to tidy it up. To be fair it was solid, the plate followed the contours well and it was MOT standard, but I'd have finished it off with a bit of filler.


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