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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ ICE Lounge _ Loud As F*ck

Posted by: dj-task 8th March 2011 19:41

That sounds like a menacing system set up,

Get some decent door speakers, not worth putting rubbish as all you get is fuzzy sound and watery eyes!!!

I am planning on a full Rockford set up for my car.

I bought a Rockford headunit on Flea bay just waiting for it to arrive.

8 to 10 days from Shropshire!!! is he walking it to me!!

At the moment i have a mutant 12" sub in back and i hate it with a passion. it is all growl and rumble but not enough clarity to go with the Rockford amp and Rockford speakers already in the car.

Mutant= poo!

So i now have my eye on another Rockford amp and Rockford 12" shallow sub.

That should be more than enough sound.

QUOTE(dellsbells @ 8th March 2011 19:03) *
nice sett up,,,
ive got a 1600 watt limited addition sub,made by vibe
with a phoenix gold amp
and a brand new alpine stereo in me astra van,,,,
its banging,,,,makes motoway sings go fuzzy,,,lol
must be my eyes bouncing about,,,,
i need some door spekers to finish off,,,

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