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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Twin Spark Engine Only Oily Stuff _ Resonator Replacement With A Straight Through Pipe

Posted by: CMA 30th October 2004 14:17

Had a busy morning down at my Dads place fitted this finally (Thanks to Nobby for supplying)...

It went from this.. (sh!te camera phone pics sorry but wasn't going to get grease all over my new digi camera)

to this...

Sounds very nice but not too loud, I took the bumper off fully and it made it very easy to get to all the nuts, although the 2 captive nuts on the 2 sides broke free so had a bit of fun with a spanner and socket to get them off. I didn't remove the wheel liner at all only removed the 2 clips each side holding it to the bumper.

I can't really test if fully yet as I have also just fitted these this morning and not bedded in yet..

Also fitted a new NS wishbone but couldn't be arsed to take any pics of that as it was boring to look at.


Off to bed the brakes in now pappap.gif

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