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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ You & Your Car _ Lancer's 1995 145 1.7 Boxer

Posted by: lancer778544 14th April 2019 17:46

Great news guys, the engine is back in and it runs great. No leaks, no funny noises or anything. Still a bit "poppy" through the exhaust if you give it a bit of a poke but the fuel in it is god knows how old. I've got a new fuel filter to go on and I'll chuck some fresh 98 in there when I can but a major hurdle overcome anyway.

No real dramas getting it started either, fired up first time and idled straight away. Some sparks reported around the starter motor mounting bolts so I'll double check those and maybe replace the ground bar thing with some direct earths to the battery.

My brother also dropped its original 14" pepperpot(?) wheels and a strut brace. The brace is for a twin spark unfortunately as the battery and BBOB are in the way on the boxer so I'll be putting that up for sale soon. Give me a shout if anyone reading this is interested in it.

Oh, the exhaust manifold is a fancy 4-2-1 tubular thing, definitely not the standard one.

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