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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Spit and Polish _ Bumper Scuff (black Plastic)

Posted by: grimacingreaper 27th April 2012 16:03

pretty chuffing peed off at the moment, my front bumper has a huge scuff in it that some utter [insert swear word here] managed to do, in a car park. happened a couple of weeks ago but the thing is the bumper scuff has started turning white the last couple of days, i'm guessing that its the back to black washing off in this weather.

anyone got any ideas what i can do to make it look good again without getting a new bumper?

haven't got the time to take a pic today, i might be able to tomorrow but tis very deep. frankly looks awful to me! i'm mostly hoping for some magical cure but i think i'll be looking at a new bumper some time soon. unsure.gif

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